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Online basic skills course, GM Peng breaks down 12 basics so you can learn at your own speed.

Includes GM Peng’s signature warm-up exercises, basic movements and  essentials. Open to all levels.

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Grand Master Peng You Lian

Peng Youlian started his Taiji training as a teenager. From 1981 to 1985, he studied in the Physical Education Department of Beijing Normal University. He received his Bachelor Degree in 1985 and his Master Degree in 1989. During his university years, Master Peng was trained by the greatest martial arts masters and professors from Beijing, most notably, Master Wang Jianhua.

His tesis at Beijing University its now presented in this online course , the Whole Body Tai Chi & Qi Gong for health, which up to this date is used in many hospitals in China and Canada for rehabilitation proposes.

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For years I thought I would have to travel to China and spend a fortune to learn from a true master. Now this one of a kind online course has brought China to my living room!

Javier Chibras

PHD Chemistry & Business Entrepenuer

Master Peng You’s teachings have been essential in helping my body recover after multiple sclerosis (MS), Now after years of continuous practice, I feel like I am improving my health every day.

Karen Pane

Business Manager

This is as authentic as authentic can get. A door opens before us, it’s time to walk through.

Daniel Corona

Martial Artist